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Veteran Coaching for Career Placement
Identify avenues for possible career changes or advancements
Are you a veteran planning your retirement or departure from the military, and are uncertain what's next? Are you a currently employed veteran, and looking to make a change? Then here's a deal for you!  Come sit with Colonel Burl and map out some options for your future that provide you purpose, direction, and motivation, while identifying the best use for your expert military skills.  This includes reviewing your resume, conducting an abbreviated P-SWOT Analysis ((c) 2005, Burl Randolph, Jr.), and using the Career Progression Forcaster ((c) 2005, Burl Randolph, Jr.), to help chart your future.  A $450 value, free to veterans during this holiday season!
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phone: (866) 242-2260
Offer Valid: December 7, 2017February 28, 2018
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