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Empowering the Body to Heal Itself
The body’s innate intelligence tells us when we are thirsty or hungry, when to sleep, and when it is in a state of dis-ease. All symptoms are the body’s attempt to restore itself back to a state of health. Instead of looking at symptoms as something wrong, we see them as indications of underlying factors that the body can heal for itself, if given what it needs.

We practice BioEnergetic Medicine and Nutrition Response Testing to tap into the body’s communication system to find out exactly what is causing ill health and what the body needs to restore itself.

Our goal is to spread the word on holistic health and help people restore the body back to optimal health. For our fellow Chamber members, we are offering our 2-visit Initial Consultation and Report of Findings for just $60.
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phone: (563) 355-4864
Offer Valid: September 13, 2018September 30, 2019
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