Store Leader/Representative

Job Description
Tasks and requirements for this position include but not limited to:
-Bachelor's Degree is preffered
-Minumum 5 years restaurant management experience
-ServeSafe (free classes available) certified and responsible to educate rest of staff on food poisoning, contamination and the like.
-Keep track of sales vs. labor costs
Make schedules for front of house members on a weekly basis
-Scheduling team will consist of Store Leader and captain server, and when appropriate with business manager. 
-Dictating tasks to other members and/or specific member groups
-Must hold regular meetings with servers to further progress customer satisfaction
-Discuss with customers their concerns or suggestions
-Aleviate any misunderstandings with incidents involving customers in the most profesional manner
-Work closely and within day to day operations alongside, cooks, servers, vendors, stakeholders and customers. Not limited to this list.
-Invest a great deal of time and effort to come up with creative ways to make sure hiring and retentions is satisfactory to everyone involved
-Must have good judgement and sound integrity
Must have conscious retention practices
-Work alongside stakeholders, business managers, store representatives, ocasionally mandatory meetings discussing progression, have an interconnective structure of team leaders, and members all they way to the excecutive level.
-Have profit responsibility, this will be discussed in depth when hired.
This touches the basis of the more important tasks and requirements. Please send your resumes by email. 
Contact Information

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