Avoid Legal Fees with an ADA Compliant Website

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July 17, 2018
Out-of-state lawyers are exploiting QCA websites that lack American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance now. Prepare your business and understand how your website may not be serving your visually impaired audience and could incur costly legal fees. Learn how to know if your site is ADA compliant, what you can do today, how to stay compliant and how your actions now can drive up online business.

Last year 7,663 ADA Title 3 lawsuits were filed, a staggering 16% more than the year prior. Year by year this percentage continues to grow as more people become aware of the criticality of being ADA Compliant. Join Twin State and other local businesses for this discussion. We will make sure you leave more informed and prepared.
Read more about website ADA here:
Micah Mosher, Client & Business Development Manager

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