Davenport Manufacturer Introduces New Option For Special Vehicle Battery Care at IDEX, Abu Dhabi

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February 07, 2019
American Power Systems, Inc. (APS), a Davenport-based manufacturer of vehicle power systems, will release a new product to the international defense and security community later this month in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

APS will present the APS-500, an alternator regulator that brings to market sought-after technological advances in battery charging and care.

This product will be important to specialty vehicle integrators and up-fitters looking for a quicker, more efficient way to charge the vehicle batteries used to run work- or mission-related equipment such as lighting, tools, communication systems and more. Better battery care leads to reduced maintenance costs, less downtime, and fewer expenditures on expensive replacement batteries.

The APS-500 is an advanced, state-of-the-art regulator that uses control-area-network (CAN) communication to collect more and different data from a vehicle’s power system than other regulators on the market today. More data through improved communication means that units work more effectively and efficiently, helping the vehicle’s alternator to charge batteries faster while protecting them from harmful over- and under-charging.

“We are pleased to present our new, highly configurable alternator regulator. The APS-500 is able to communicate via control area network communication and may be used with 12-, 24- and 48-volt systems, among others. These units are customizable with no hardware changes and represent ideal battery charging for marine- and land-based applications,” said APS President Amy Lank.

APS will introduce the APS-500 during IDEX, an international defense exhibition and conference, to be held Feb. 17-21 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

A military-style variant of the APS-500 with MIL-SPEC connectors will be released later in 2019. For product updates, interested individuals are invited to join a first-to-contact list here:

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