Executives with Heart Recognized -American Heart Association

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September 26, 2018
LOOK UP Quad Cities!

?2018 Executives with Heart are on the Billboards on both sides of the river! Thank you...they make a difference and YOU can too!

Are you an influencer? Do you love meeting others and sharing with them about your community? Do you want to make a difference EVERY Day for people of the Quad Cities? Become an Executive with Heart! 

?Champion, Inpspire, Lead, Influence, the Volunteer Opportunity...where Life is Why! 

?Cardiovascular Disease is the #1 killer of Americans and our community is affected. Yet the way in which we live can significantly impact our health and help us to live healthier, longer lives! Join us! 

?Congratulations to all of our Leaders with Heart! 

?RSM Excecutives with Heart Challenge for the 2018 Quad Cities Heart Walk Quad Cities Heart Walk hosted by UnityPoint- Trinity 
Lori Duax-Garrett, Quad Cities Heart Walk Director
(563) 949-5776

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