Local Veterinarian Develops Monthly Wellness Plans

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December 20, 2017
If you’ve been to your veterinarian recently, you are well aware of the rising costs of veterinary care.  A routine wellness visit with vaccines, heartworm and flea preventatives can easily run you over a few hundred dollars.  Some companies are creating wellness packages to help owners distribute veterinary costs over the span of a year.  These wellness packages are gaining in popularity, but are relatively unheard of in the Quad City Area.
Oak Knoll Animal Hospital in Moline has developed their own version of these plans.  PAW Plans, or Pet Annual Wellness Plans, will be launching on January 16th, 2018.  These PAW plans are designed to help pet owners provide high quality care at an affordable monthly rate.  Each plan has its own packaged services that are discounted at about 30% and then divided out in to 12 monthly payments.  There are also discounts available on some services that are not included in the plans.
Oak Knoll’s Hospital Manager, Stephanie Hamerlinck, says she’s hoping PAW Plans will help them continue to improve the quality of life for their clients and their patients.  “We’ve implemented online booking, online chat through our website, and texting because that’s the world we live in.  We wanted to make veterinary care easier for our clients – so PAW Plans just made sense.  Allowing our clients to make a monthly payment and save money gives them the opportunity to provide the care they want.  Take dental care, for example.  Sometimes, routine dental cleanings are understandably put off due to cost restrictions.  But, over time, an abscess can develop, being more costly for the owner to address and more painful for the pet to endure.  Some of our wellness plans include routine dental cleanings.”  
With six different plans for cats and six for dogs, Stephanie recommends scheduling an appointment to discuss your pet’s needs.  “We don’t want to see people spending money on services they don’t need or will never use, so reviewing your pet’s history with a doctor is important.  If your dog isn’t eligible for anesthesia, we wouldn’t put you in a plan that includes dentistry.  If you have a cat with a thyroid disease, you might benefit most from the plan that includes thyroid testing.  And for all those new kitten and puppy owners, you might be interested in discussing our plan that includes a spay or neuter.”
 Oak Knoll will be closed for staff training the morning of January 16th, 2018 and open for regular business starting at 1:30pm.  They will have coffee and cookies available in their lobby and friendly staff available to answer any questions you might have.  Stephanie says they plan to release information on Facebook leading up to their launch, and curious parties are welcome to call their office for details.
Oak Knoll is located in Moline, Illinois – across from the Public Library on 41st Street.  If you have questions about PAW plans or Oak Knoll in general, you can call or text them at (309)762-9474 or email  
Stephanie Hamerlinck (Neavor), Hospital Manager
(309) 762-9474

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