News Release: 2/5/2019

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February 05, 2019
 Dear Fellow Members,
Every year Healing on the fly reaches out with the help of our local congregants and valued sponsors like you. Healing on the fly & our local veteran community needs to meet certain funding goals to be able to save the life of our veterans and get the the help they need so badly and support our mission to to do just that.

Will your company consider partnering with HOTF as our sponsor?

Pride in our local QCA Veterans & values are so important to HOTF, so it seems like a perfect fit for our two organizations to come together.

To show our appreciation of your sponsorship, our congregation would commit to including your company in our QCA VETERAN HEALING ON THE FLY BUSINESS CARD & COUPON BOOKLETS!

Are you ready or can you help our local QCA veterans in need who have lost all hope by helping support them by sponsoring our QCA VETERAN HEALING ON THE FLY BUSINESS CARD & COUPON BOOKLETS! ?

Please reach out to us to get this partnership off the ground.





Our Local QCA Veterans are Homeless and Fighting PTSD right here in our Quad Cities!


We will be producing 10,000 QCA VETERAN HEALING ON THE FLY BUSINESS CARD & COUPON BOOKLETS THIS MARCH!. We will also be featuring select individuals and businesses to care about our QCA vetenans right here in the QCA. We only feature and promote local QCA ads on our booklets. The booklets will be highest resolution digital color quality.  The QCA Veteran Healing on the Fly business card & coupon booklets are meant to keep our local veterans know they are now alone. Here in the QCA we will no longer sit back and let our veterans do with out the care they need. Our local businesses are what set the QCA apart from the rest. 22 veterans die by suicide per day. These numbers are real. No veteran should ever feel alone! 100% of donations go to our QCA veterans in need of our help!  

About HOTF!

Many great Americans start nonprofits to support veterans and provide an outing, camping, resort, fishing, a vacation etc. These events are fantastic but only focus on a few at a time. What does the Veteran do once the 'event' is over? Healing On the Fly, Inc is developing a network of support connecting all of these opportunities to all of the veterans in the greater QCA. By having an established network, a 'one stop shop,' for volunteers, for nonprofits and most importantly for veterans, HOTF will provide a multitude of opportunities and a continuous schedule that is so critical to veterans reconnecting with the civilian world and especially those suffering from PTSD. We want the veterans engaged continuously and in real time.

By helping Healing On The Fly saves our QCA Veterans who gave everything for our freedom you help everyone! The veterans, their families, the community and

Pricing For Sponsorship Ads:

1.0 X 4.0: $99.99
2,0 X 4.0 199.99
3.0 X 4.0: $299.99

3.0 X 8.0: $399.99

Front Cover: 3.0 X 5.5 $499.99 

  Back Cover: 3.0 X 8.0 $499.99 

“We want you to get to know Healing on the fly“

Healing on the Fly
Paul J. Ricciuti
President /Founder

Quad Cities Chamber Member

David Bruce-WBG
HOTF Marketing Director
Board Member
4620 East 53rd St. Suite 238
Davenport IA 52807
Direct Line: 563-499-3015


David Bruce, Marketing Director
(563) 370-9236

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