R.I.A. Federal Credit Union Supports Members Affected by Partial Government Shutdown

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January 07, 2019

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union has a long-standing policy of supporting government workers, dating back to the roots of the credit union’s establishment in 1935 on Rock Island Arsenal. While now open to serve all in the Quad Cites, we remain committed to serving those who serve us.  Because of the on-going partial government shutdown, our Board of Directors both revised and re-instated measures used during other government shutdowns, with the intention of easing the financial burden experienced by our affected members. As a service to those who have had their pay suspended due to this current partial government shutdown, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union is offering the following:


1. Members who have a loan with R.I.A. Federal Credit Union can defer their loan payment, or work with us to reduce the rate/payment for up to six months. All that is needed to set this in motion is proof of furlough status.


2. Members are eligible for a payroll-impaired loan for up to $3500 at a special low rate for up to 18 months, with up to 60 days before the first payment is due. To qualify, one must provide proof of furlough status and your most recent paystub.


In addition to those programs offered specifically to help furloughed members, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union offers other options that can help people through these challenging times. Open to any member at any time, those experiencing payroll disruptions may consider refinancing any current loans (to include mortgage) or getting a home equity loan.


R.I.A. Federal Credit Union is proud to be governed by the core principle of credit unions: people helping people. Anyone struggling as a result of the on-going partial government shutdown is encouraged to reach out to us. We’re here to help. 1-800-742-CU4U.

Helen Wols, Community Development Specialist
(563) 355-3800 x 7051

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