EICC Featured in Season 11 of “The College Tour” Now on Amazon Prime Video

Award-Winning TV Series Brings EICC Directly to Viewers, Sharing Authentic Student Stories While Highlighting the College Experience

Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) is featured in season 11 of “The College Tour,” a groundbreaking series from Emmy-nominated producers Alex Boylan, Lisa Hennessy, and Burton Roberts, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video 
Hosted by “The Amazing Race” winner Alex Boylan, “The College Tour” travels across the country, narrating the unique stories of colleges and universities through the diverse perspectives of their students. The show gives viewers an intimate look at campus life, helping students worldwide make informed decisions about their educational futures without having to travel. 
Johnna Kerres, EICC Associate Director for Marketing & Communications, co-produced the episode alongside Griffin Wagner, EICC Marketing Coordinator, and the show’s team. Reflecting on the experience, Kerres said, “Collaborating with ‘The College Tour' has been an incredible opportunity to showcase our communities and exceptional educational offerings at EICC. Our students' stories truly highlight the transformative impact of our programs.” 
EICC’s episode featured ten EICC students, including: 

  • Bradley Thiessen-Cooper (Scott Community College Graduate '24) 
  • Danea Kimmins (Scott Community College Graduate '23) 
  • Dominique Steverson (Scott Community College Graduate '24) 
  • Grace Thalacker (Scott Community College Graduate '23) 
  • Jordan Sisk (Muscatine Community College Graduate '24) 
  • Nicole Bristol (Muscatine Community College) 
  • Jesse Garcia (Muscatine Community College Graduate '16) 
  • Emersyn Keefer (Clinton/Scott Community College) 
  • Lucas Raab (Clinton Community College) 
  • Maranda Hickey (Clinton Community College Graduate '23) 

“EICC offers students an extraordinary experience, and we’re thrilled to share that on ‘The College Tour,’” said Alex Boylan. “For students making the pivotal decision of where to attend college, this episode provides a comprehensive, first-hand look at what makes EICC so special.” 
About “The College Tour” 
The College Tour is a groundbreaking TV series that takes the viewer on an intimate journey through campuses across the country, telling each school’s story through the diverse lens of its students. The show brings equity to college readiness by providing a platform to access comprehensive and meaningful information regarding higher education anytime and anywhere, free of charge. The College Tour is available on Amazon Prime Video and at thecollegetour.com. 
About Eastern Iowa Community Colleges 
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, THE Community's College, transforms lives and builds communities along the Mississippi River, serving 12,000 students annually across three campuses. Offering high-quality academics and training at an affordable cost, EICC prepares students for in-demand careers or seamless transfer opportunities. Classes are kept small and taught by instructors who are experts in their field. Here, your growth and success are our priority, and we support you every step of the way. Visit eicc.edu/collegetour to learn more.