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The focus of Area 52 is on medical marijuana products, most notably on the delta-8-THC cannabis extract. The affiliation of the brand to the delta-8 space provides a better understanding of the medicinal advantages of this cannabis extract and better access to high-grade delta-8- THC extracts. In addition, the affiliation helps in expanding the coverage of medical marijuana use in the country, beyond what was previously available through licensed caregivers.

One of the ways that Area 52 provides consumers with the information they need about delta-8- THC is through their gummy bear line of chewable tablets. Currently, the Area 52 line of gummy bears offers three different concentrations of delta-8- THC. The first two are chronic, or short-term, dosages; the third dose is chronic, or long-term. The chronic dosing regimen helps patients control their pain and other symptoms of the disease while they are not yet in chronic stage. Long-term patients receive four doses of delta-8-THC a day. The Area 52 chronic gel capsule is currently the only pharmaceutical product on the market that can help a patient maintain his or her health while facing the challenge of treating the disease.

As with any other pharmaceutical product, there are side effects and risks associated with using medicinal cannabis products. However, the gummy bear line of chewable tablets by Area 52 is different. The company has a pharmacist on staff, which provides patients with advice on using the different products. The company also allows patients to self-order the gel capsules, which can be picked up at the customer service location of the local Area 52 distribution center.

One of the main advantages of using the Area 52 delta-8- THC and CBD gel capsules over inhalation devices or ingesting cannabis products is that consumers do not have to worry about the harmful side effects associated with inhalation devices.