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ProCircular is a people-first cybersecurity company focusing uniquely on the careful balance between relationships and technical expertise.
With headquarters nestled in Iowa and an additional office in Minneapolis we're placed firmly in the heart of the Midwest. And while our regional presence is evident through our loyal client base, we extend our expertise far beyond geographical constraints. From small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 100 giants, we've handcrafted, implemented, and battle-tested security plans for organizations within various industries, regardless of where they stand on the security spectrum.
Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help organizations manage risk and proactively navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity challenges. Whether through our expert risk assessments, security controls, network and physical testing, or our rapid and efficient incident response capabilities, we approach every service to safeguard our clients and their vital data, all while fostering trust-based relationships that underpin a resilient cybersecurity posture.
In our world, people are not just the end-users of technology; they are the guardians of digital security, and ProCircular is here to empower them every step of the way.


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