Meet EXTRAordinary Everlee

Meet EXTRAordinary Everlee + Support Everlee’s Superhero Race for
Jodi and her husband Brett, make every effort to raise awareness and funds for this cause that “means the world” to them, their sweet Everlee, their family, and so many others! With every MOVEment you make, you are MOVING the world in a more accepting direction. Who are you moving for?
GiGi’s has a vision of a world that is accepting of all people, regardless of diagnosis, race, or sexual orientation. All our differences, all our “otherness" and all our unique abilities will be accepted and encouraged. That’s what we’re all really working toward. At GiGi’s we call this “Generation G,” the pledge to be more accepting, generous, and kind.
"Every movement you make, and every dollar you raise, helps us in moving the world in a more accepting direction! Now let's get movin’!"
- Jodi Seitz, Brett Seitz, Everlee Seitz, Maddox Jackson and Madilynn Jackson
?Meet EXTRAordinary Everlee?
??Jodi Seitz, MOM –
“It’s my favorite time of year!! It is time to raise awareness and funds for a cause that means the world to me and my family. Every year, since Everlee was born, we have participated in GiGi’s Playhouse Superhero Race!
On November 28, 2015, I gave birth to our shining star, Everlee Grayce. We had no idea how much this day would change our lives for the better. The moment I laid eyes on her I knew. But I truly had no idea. The instant Everlee was placed in my arms and I saw those beautiful eyes, I knew. I knew she had Down Syndrome, but what I did not know is the positive impact this child would make in my life. I never had any prenatal testing. None of our ultrasounds gave us any need for concern. We fully expected to have a happy healthy baby, and that is exactly what we got. Actually, we got better!! You see, that day we won the BEST lottery we could ever imagine!!
From that moment on I researched constantly. I read tons of blogs and stories of families with children that had Down Syndrome, and you know what I found??? Not a single negative story!! I found thousands of families that had nothing but amazing things to say about how positive their lives were impacted by having a child with Down Syndrome. I eventually came across this local resource called GiGi’s Playhouse that offers free services to families that have children with Down Syndrome. We ended up joining GiGi’s and were immediately welcomed by our new family.
Everlee receives many services from GiGi’s, and all of these services are offered at NO cost to families because of fundraisers like the Superhero Race. Today, I am asking you to help support this incredible cause. I ask you to please consider joining the race, or contributing to our team, EXTRAordinary Everlee. PLEASE feel free to ask me any questions that you might have. I love to talk about our experience and I’m truly positively passionate about our EXTRAordinary Everlee.”
??Brett Seitz, DAD –
“Five years ago, my daughter Everlee was born with Down Syndrome and she has been a blessing for our family ever since. She is a daily source of inspiration and love, for both myself and my wife. We have utilized GiGi’s Speech Therapy Program over the years, which has helped Everlee’s development and prepare her for pre-school. GiGi’s had to switch to offering virtual programs this year, which has been challenging but is just another reason why donations are so important. Donations provide impactful services to those in need. For the past 5 years, we have participated in GiGi’s annual Superhero Walk, as well as the annual Gala, which helps raise money and awareness. Through the support and generosity of others, our family has been able to raise over $11,000 over the past five years combined. I have been lucky enough to join GiGi’s Board of Directors and become even more involved with this great organization. GiGi’s, and their network of families, offer support, programs, and tools to individuals with Down Syndrome to insure dreams and acceptance can be achieved.”