Instructor, Construction Part-Time

Location Muscatine Community College
Job Description
This is a part-time faculty position that is responsible for teaching courses and assessing learning outcomes in Construction Technology. Assignments may include alternative delivery methods, evening courses, and multiple sites. Must demonstrate excellence in teaching and service. Must demonstrate a commitment to the mission and values of the community college.

Work Location: Muscatine campus
Required Qualifications
Minimum of a Associate’s degree in a Construction Technology field or special training and at least 6,000 hours of relevant tested work experience in the occupational area (or related area) in which the instructor teaches classes.
Preferred Qualifications
Five years of relevant field experience in Construction Technology is preferred. Experience teaching at a community college is preferred.
Physical Demands


  • Ability to use a variety of hand tools and job specific tools
  • Lifting up to 50 pounds to a height of three feet
  • Perform all normal and expected duties of a skilled trade
  • Lifting, kneeling, squatting, climbing, crawling, stooping, turning/twisting, balancing, reaching and handling with varying frequencies
  • Frequent lifting and carrying, pushing, or pulling objects
Salary $700 per credit hour, EICC retirees $1000 per credit hour
Typical Duties and Responsibilities
· Teaches courses in accordance with outcomes identified in the established course development model. Uses effective and appropriate instructional delivery systems.
· Participates in the design of appropriate courses and programs of instruction. Utilizes appropriate process to maintain currency of curriculum and collaborates in the development and revision of curriculum as needed.
· Demonstrates satisfactory preparation and meets with classes as scheduled.
· Demonstrates rapport with students.
· Establishes a clear and accurate syllabus for each class within the approved syllabus template. Posts syllabus in district’s learning management system.
· Communicates course objectives, instructional processes, evaluation policies and methods, and attendance policies to students.
· Utilizes instruction consistent with course syllabus and objectives. Uses effective and appropriate instructional delivery systems.
· Evaluates and records student performance and achievement on a regular basis in the district’s learning management system and provides feedback to students.
· Establishes and maintains appropriate office hours to assist students and provide feedback.
· Collaborates with support services to assist student success in the classroom and meet recommended student/instructional accommodations as required.
· Monitors and communicates with students about academic progress. Collaborates with advising by monitoring student progress and referring at-risk students using early alert tools and/or other mechanisms. Maintains accurate attendance reports and delivers timely progress grades, midterm grades, and final grades.
· Participates in outcomes assessment measurements adopted by EICCD. Plans and implements learning strategies appropriate for meeting student outcomes. Analyzes results of planning and teaching and make appropriate revisions.
Involvement with the College and EICC District
· Serves on college and district committees, work groups, and task forces.
· Attends and participates in all scheduled faculty, college, district, and advisory meetings as appropriate.
· Assists college in the recruitment and retention of students
· Serves as an active department team member.
· Demonstrates professionalism at all times.
· Supports the EICC mission, values and belief in high expectations and high aspirations.
· Commits to quality service that meet or exceed the expectations of students and internal/external stakeholders.
Professional Development
· Retains professional qualifications (including academic degrees and specialized certifications and licensures) that meet or exceed those required for the position.
· Actively maintains professional development activity and records in accordance with the guidelines of the Quality Faculty Plan.
· Participates in professional meetings and workshops.
· Participates in college/district professional development activities.
· Remains active and current in one’s professional field/discipline.
· Remains current in pedagogical best practices.