DownRange Excursions

  • Non-profit Organization
2329 Southview Drive
Bettendorf, IA 52722
  • About

    DownRange Excursions provides tangible and healthy, therapeutic alternative options for our nation's veterans and service members who struggle with combat PTSD, substance abuse, over medication, and other service related issues.

    DownRange Excursions gives veterans who struggle with similar issues a chance to come together and regain a sense of comraderie and brotherhood that they have lost since transitioning to civilian life. By providing gym memberships through Quad City Strongman, and DownRange Excursions such as paddling, hiking, camping, and rock climbing, veterans and service members are given a new outlook on life and introduced to healthy alternative coping methods. These methods drastically improve their mental well-being, giving them the ability to move forward in civilian life with a new drive and perspective that they may have been missing.

    We collaborate with multiple local nonprofit organizations, such as Quad City Strongman, Hot Glass, Paws 'n Effect, and Lift for the 22, in order to help our veterans as soon as possible. With this partnership we are able to provide a schedule for a healthier lifestyle without the use of medications, substance abuse, or isolation.

    At DownRange Excursions, our goal is to help veterans find peace. We focus on using wilderness therapy including; kayaking, camping, and behavioral therapy, instead of turning to medications and other standard medical practices in an effort to manage PTSD.
    DownRange Excursions is a credible and accountable organization driven to provide a network of like-minded individuals who are committed to promoting a healthy, therapeutic alternative for veterans facing feelings of isolation, thoughts of suicide, and conventional usage of medication.

    DownRange Excursions deeply encourages involvement and interaction with the outdoors. We are a non-political and non-discriminatory organization, dedicated to supporting the emotional and physical well-being of all veterans, as we

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