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About Us

Easy Street Properties has established the metric by which other investment companies measure their success. By consistently purchasing, restoring and building top quality investment real estate, Matt Larson and his team are able to offer high rates of return to investors, unparalleled property management services and the most hassle free renting process.

Easy Street Properties is clearly the industry leader when it comes to providing property management service for single family rental units. Our effectiveness as a company is firmly rooted in the vision and mission of the organization, and our team's ability to effectively execute the processes with yield consistent results.

In just two short years the company has quickly grown from two employees to twenty. In addition, the company has bought and sold nearly 1000 homes. This unprecedented growth has garnered recognition from local, regional and national business and real estate organizations.

We are proud to be a part of the Quad Cities Community. Every property owned and managed by Easy Street Properties will enhance the neighborhood around it: ultimately increasing property values. We have made the QC our home and we are inspiring others to make it their home as well.